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Cacciatora Sausage

Cacciatora Sausage is well spiced, both in flavour and in aroma. Roasted garlic, pepper and nutmeg come together splendidly in this sausage which makes a brilliant accompaniment to any intensely flavoured food.

Bring out the vegetable and spice notes in Cacciatora Sausage with our mini stuffed peppers recipe. Whether to accompany grilled meats or as tapas for a cocktail, this little recipe really shows off the sausage at its best.

Try our Cacciatora Sausage alongside a stout beer with its notes of dark chocolate and roasted malt. It will marry beautifully with the sausage’s fruity and caramelly side.

Pork, Salt, Sugars (lactose (milk), sugar), Skim milk powder, Spice, Sodium erythorbate, Granulated garlic, Sodium nitrate, Sodium nitrite, Bacterial culture.

Mild Cacciatora

Nutritional values

100 g
Calories 430 %daily value*
Fat 33 g 44%
Saturated 10 g
+ Trans 0.1 g 50%
Carbohydrates 4 g
Fibers 0 g 0%
Sugars 3 g 3%
Protein 31 g
Cholesterol 140 mg
Sodium 2260 mg 98%
Potassium 500 mg 11%
Calcium 20 mg 2%
Iron 2.5 mg 14%
* 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot


Sausage 175 g


Grilled Mini Peppers Stuffed with Cacciatora Sausage and Cheese

An easy side dish to accompany grilled meats or as finger food for a cocktail that really brings out the richness of the sausage.