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Grilled Mini Peppers Stuffed with Cacciatora Sausage and Cheese

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8 mild mini-peppers (or hot peppers, for the more adventurous)
Hard cheese, like pecorino, romano or the like, enough to stuff the peppers
Cheese for melting, like mozzarella
Cacciatora Sausage, cut into thin sticks


Slit open peppers and scrape out interior to remove seeds. Keep whole with tops.
Stuff with sausage and cheeses.
Cook on BBQ or in a hot oven.

Tip: To grill the stuffed peppers, place the slit side down directly in contact with the hot grill. The pepper will cook quickly before the cheese has a chance to melt. Once the pepper has grill marks, turn to grill the other sides. That way the melted cheese will remain inside the pepper and all sides will have been in contact with the grill.

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