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Nostrano Biergarten – Beer and charcuterie pairings

Blond Beer & European Trio The Nostrano European Trio is the perfect starting point for your European charcuterie board. Made with spicy and mild Hungarian salamis, plus German salami, it’s a winning combination that’ll liven up an evening with friends. Accompany the spice of European Trio meats with a hoppy blond beer like a Pilsner. … Read more

Unique Beverage Pairings

Below we’ve assembled some unusual beverage pairings for you that go perfectly with some of our carefully selected fine charcuterie. Sometimes colourful, sometimes sparkling or surprising, some have alcohol, others do not. Their common denominator: they’ll leave no one indifferent! Aperol Crisp & Italian Trio Made with dry apple cider (not too sweet) instead of … Read more