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Nostrano Biergarten – Beer and charcuterie pairings


Blond Beer & European Trio

The Nostrano European Trio is the perfect starting point for your European charcuterie board. Made with spicy and mild Hungarian salamis, plus German salami, it’s a winning combination that’ll liven up an evening with friends. Accompany the spice of European Trio meats with a hoppy blond beer like a Pilsner. Not too sweet, it has the right amount of freshness so you can sample one salami after another for that perfect tasting experience.

Red Beer & Genoa salami

As Geno salami has a strong character, you have to pair it with a beer that’s just as assertive. A spicy red beer will bring richness to the savory side of the Genoa salami with its caramel notes. Pick a lighter version so its remains refreshing, but with a certain complexity so it marries perfectly with the salami’s peppery side. All you’ll need to do is add a dry cheese like Parmesan and a few walnuts for a selection that’s complex and nicely balanced.

Blond Beer & Summer Salami

Summer salami is distinguished by its roasted garlic and caramelized onion flavour. Go with a blond ale with fruity, lightly caramelized notes that will amplify the flavours in the summer salami, while balancing its aromatic side and well-developed umami. Serve this pairing with a delicious crusty cheese bread and you’re good to go!

White Wheat Beer & Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a timeless classic on charcuterie boards. Generally loved by all, this carefully salted and dried ham exhibits nutty notes as well as a fruity side. It’s actually that fruitiness that makes it go so well with a white wheat beer. In effect, white beer and prosciutto share a number of aromatic characteristics, especially fruit and cereal notes. Add a bit of cilantro and orange zest to your glass for an even more pronounced flavour!

Honey amber beer & Rosette de Lyon

A dried sausage with a complex taste, Rosette de Lyon has rich flavours from garlic to green olives to cheese and bread. By pairing it with honey amber or blond beer, you’ll bring out the fruity and floral notes. The beer’s honey side will reveal the subtle yet distinctly present caramel notes of the Rosette de Lyon. Accompany the pair with dried fruit, figs and honey for a taste experience that will evolve beautifully throughout your tasting.

Stout beer & mild Cacciatora sausage

Cacciatora sausage is highly spiced, both in terms of taste and aroma. Roasted garlic, pepper and nutmeg are a great combination in this sausage that’s perfect for accompanying intensely flavoured dishes. As for the beer, when we’re looking for intensity, a stout is just the thing. Choose one with notes of dark chocolate and roasted malt for the perfect marriage with the sausage’s fruity, caramelly side.

Finally, whether you opt for a stout that’s brimming with character, or a light, thirst-quenching blond, you’ll find the perfect pairing with a Nostrano product. All the ingredients will come together for a festive evening with friends on a voyage of flavour discovery. Happy tasting!