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DIY: Create Salami Roses for an Out of the Ordinary Nostrano Charcuterie Board


You consider yourself as the king or queen of charcuterie boards, but you would like to renew your presentation skills? Maybe you’ve seen photos on the internet where pretty salami roses steal the show in the center of a well-stocked board, but thought it looked complicated? Indeed, these delicate confections are a gorgeous addition that catches the eye. However, you are completely wrong if you think you cannot make them yourself: it’s child’s play!

To achieve this, you will need:

Start by placing a first slice of salami on the rim of the glass, so that half of the salami is inside the glass, and the other half outside.

Repeat this step with a second slice of salami, making sure the second slice overlaps the first already placed on the rim of the glass. It should start around halfway through the first slice placed.

Keep repeating this step until you’ve gone all the way around the glass. This should take you 3-4 slices, depending on the width of the opening of the glass you are using.

Continue this technique by accumulating the slices of salami, until the center of the glass is filled. The entire process might take you 12-14 slices, due to the width of the opening of the glass once again.

Once you are done placing the salami slices, all you have to do is turn your glass upside down, so that the charcuterie touches your board or your plate.

Gently lift the glass, releasing your masterpiece onto the board or plate! Repeat as many times as you wish.

You can also have fun by varying the size of the opening of the glass you use, mix the charcuteries for a flavor surprise with each petal, etc.

If these delicious roses are more than appropriate as Valentine’s Day approaches, they are still guaranteed to wow the gallery no matter the occasion!