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DIY: create your own festive charcuterie crown


Fancy a festive and original centerpiece for the holiday season? Why not offer one that is edible in addition to being elegant? Recreate this cute Christmas crown, made with mini charcuterie skewers, and you’ll be able to acheive both with minimum effort!

To carry out this small, simple project, which will have its effect, you will need the following elements:

  • A round board, or a nice large presentation plate
  • A packet of fresh rosemary cut into small sections
  • 2 or 3 packets of Nostrano cold meats of your choice
  • Mini Bocconcinis, cherry tomatoes, olives, small pickles, or other foods of your choice that you like to combine with Nostrano cold cuts
  • Small picks for mini skewers

Pour les charcuteries, nous conseillons le prosciutto, le salami de Gênes et le saucisson Calabrese fort. Ou encore, le trio Italien!

Start by making small appetizer skewers. To do this, you just have to thread Nostrano cold meats, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, small pickles or other on the small skewers, alternating. Have fun combining flavors, colors … Let your creativity guide you! The kebabs do not have to be the same, on the contrary: offer a variety of options and different combinations, so there will be something for everyone and your crown will be all the more colorful.

Once your skewers are finished, place small sections of rosemary all around your board or your plate. Then place the skewers following the turn of your board. When you have gone around the board for the first time, go around again by stacking the rest of the skewers on the first floor. This will make your crown look fuller.

All you have to do is place your beautiful crown of Nostrano-style meats in the center of the table, and voila! We advise you to take a photo quickly: the skewers may disappear as if by magic …