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Calabrese Sausage

Lovers of assertive flavours will be in heaven with this Calabrese Sausage. With its nuances of peppers, nuts and fennel, it will spice up your evenings while adding wonderful flavour to any dish.

Rosette de Lyon Sausage

Dry sausage with a complex flavour, Rosette de Lyon has a rich bouquet of garlic and green olive with hints of bread and cheese. Enjoy it with dried fruits, figs and honey for flavour revelations that will continue to unfold until the end of your tasting.

Genoa Sausage

Made with first-quality pork to which is added a special spice blend heightened with black pepper, this Genoa Sausage will standout on any charcuterie platter. Accompany with crusty bread and a few walnuts to really bring out its complexity of flavours.

Cacciatora Sausage

Cacciatora Sausage is well spiced, both in flavour and in aroma. Roasted garlic, pepper and nutmeg come together splendidly in this sausage which makes a brilliant accompaniment to any intensely flavoured food.