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Crêpes with mild Capicollo, cheese and long beans

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8 thin crêpes
8 slices mild capicollo
160 g mild cheese for melting (mozzarella or mild cheddar), sliced or grated
240 g long beans
Butter (for browning the rolled crêpes)

Extra for the 2nd version:
250 ml (1 cup) béchamel
60 g “fruity” cheese, grated (emmental, beaufort, comté, gruyère)
1 pinch nutmeg, added to the béchamel


Use thin, store-bought crêpes or make your favourite recipe.
Cook long beans in boiling water or steam until just al dente.
Stack a slice of Capicollo, cheese and beans on each crêpe.
Roll crêpe and brown in a pan on all sides.
Serve at breakfast or reserve to make the second version.

Two varieties, two recipes, two meals…
This crêpe recipe is perfect for brunch or a hearty breakfast. What’s more, you can even serve it for dinner. Just prepare the above recipe and once the crêpes are browned in butter, place them on a platter in the oven. To serve, reheat the crêpes and the sauce, ladle the nutmeg-flavoured béchamel sauce generously over the crêpes and sprinkle with cheese. Brown lightly under the broiler and serve immediately.

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