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Genoa Salami

As true perfection takes time, Genoa Salamis are naturally dried for almost two months.  Starting with first quality pork to which we add a special blend of spices heightened with whole black peppercorns, we obtain a salami that’s loaded with personality, proud of its roots and a sure bet to tempt your taste buds. Pair … Read more

Calabrese Salami

People who love assertive flavours will adore this Calabrese Salami. Its unique combination of flavours, which originates from an original southern Italian spicy blend, will bring a little heat to your gatherings. The perfect ingredient to spice up virtually any dish.

Summer Salami

With the flavours of roasted garlic and caramelized onion, our Summer Salami will be a real winner on your charcuterie platters. Spanish inspired, it’s perfect for an extended cocktail, paired with a crusty cheese bread.

Mild Capicollo

Mild Capicollo is just the ticket with its delicate spice blend redolent of black pepper, clove and nutmeg. Sweet with just the right amount of heat, it pairs marvellously with mild cheeses and is the perfect addition to a delicious omelet.

Hot Capicollo

Hot Capicollo may be a lean cold cut, but that doesn’t make it any less flavourful! Its pronounced spiciness which ramps up with every mouthful can easily be put to work accompanying tropical fruits like pineapple or mango: the perfect sweet-salty-spicy mix!


With its smooth supple texture, Nostrano Mortadella has a wonderful, rich mouth feel. Its garlic and pepper notes pair wonderfully with mild cheeses. Whether you want to add a touch of Italy to your sandwich or for a crowd pleasing charcuterie platter, mortadella is definitely the way to go.

Mild Hungarian Salami

From roasted garlic to nuts to caramel, this mild Hungarian salami is loaded with subtle flavours. Serve it with sprouts or arugula and a few garden vegetables for a plate that’s bursting with freshness.


Be inspired by Nostrano Prosciutto, a ham that’s carefully salted and aged in the Italian tradition. Dried to perfection and sliced just right, it will be the star of your charcuterie platter. Its fruity side with nutty notes make it the perfect partner for juicy fruits like peaches, mango and pineapple.

Hot Hungarian Salami

With its notes of roasted garlic, bell pepper and paprika, spicy Hungarian salami lends its piquant character to every dish it accompanies. Lovers of strong flavours, this salami is for you!